Sunday, April 1, 2012

4: Ice Candy yo.

What pops into your mind every time you hear the word summer? For me, hearing summer means a number of things: Sweltering heat. Bikinis. Sweaty shirts. Swimming pools. The ever-famous black salbabida. Beach. Grilled tilapia. Halo halo. Blah blah blah. And of course, ice candy. :) Yum. Who wouldn't want having an ice candy in the middle of one hot afternoon? Not me for sure.

Ice candy has always been a part of my childhood. I grew up selling ice candies every summer at our home in Pasig for 1 PHP. Mine was made of different juice concentrates that's why I sell it for a peso only. But hey, they sell like crazy and at the end of the day our freezer was almost empty except for some unsold ice. Lucky for me, my generous lola buys my juice concentrates and didn't ask me for any part of my sales. Haha. Soon enough I upgraded my ice candy and used fresh fruits with milk. My lola also taught me that in order to have that "creamy" texture, you have to boil your mixture after packing them individually. Cool, yes. :)

Last night, I made some ice candy to celebrate my childhood. Haha. Well, not really to celebrate my childhood but just because I saw some over ripe mangoes on our table. :)  I blended the mangoes together with milk and sugar, a little bit of slurry (this is just cornstarch mixed with water) and there, I'm done. Here's the finished product:


Btw, the slurry makes the ice candy "creamy" and almost soft. Just like ice cream. :)

That's for today. Happy Palm Sunday everyone! :)


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