Thursday, April 12, 2012

6: Piece of cupcake

Last Tuesday, my sister and I did some sisterly bonding and baked some cupcakes. Since this is our first time, we opted to just bake the basic cupcake: good ol' chocolate cupcakes. :)  As mentioned, we originally wanted to bake plain chocolate cupcakes but since we have these very, very, very ripe lacatan bananas sitting prettily on our table we decided to bake chocolate banana cupcakes instead. Here's some of the pictures:

Chocolate banana cupcake batter. *the yellow thing "peeking" underneath are the mashed bananas.*
 We made the usual chocolate cupcake batter and just mixed the mashed banana to make chocolate banana cupcakes. :) At first, we thought that our cupcakes might not turn out good and end up a waste. But boy we are lucky as these babies turned out well. :)

Chocolate banana cupcakes!
We also tried our hand in frosting cupcakes. Good thing it also turned out fine:

Topped with buttercream frosting, M&Ms and banana slices.

Different toppings!

We also thought of topping our cupcakes with different toppings like KitKat, peanut butter, M&Ms and banana slices. We also dusted our creations with cocoa powder. :)

Cupcakes dusted with cocoa powder.

I truly enjoyed baking cupcakes and it's really a good thing that all turned out well. I hope that my next baking attempts would turn out as good as this, or maybe better. :)


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