Saturday, April 21, 2012

7: Summer

Summer here in LB is insanely hot, trust me. And baking in our apartment's kitchen is also the same. So why did I then bake? Simply because I am bored. Bored to my marrow that I can't think of anything else good to do except produce some love from our oven. I've been craving for chocochip cupcakes since last week and I think that maybe this is the right time to bake these babies (I like referring to my cupcakes as babies because they are all a labor of love from me). :)

Chocochip cupcake batter

Chocochip batter again!

Before going in the oven

My prepared batter also yielded exactly 12 cupcakes. Lucky me I didn't have to worry again over what to do with my extra batter.


After 20 minutes.

Compared to the pale batter it was once before, these cupcakes turned out golden brown (and a little bit overbaked I must say). Nonetheless, all is well. :)

Cooling down.

After my first bite, I noticed that it lacks the sweetness I am used to in my usual sweet fix. To remedy this, I thought I would just frost my cupcakes with brown sugar frosting. Good thing the ingredients I needed were all available. :)

Brown sugar frosting 1

Brown sugar frosting 2

Brown sugar frosting 3
I have to admit it, I first thought that making this frosting would be hard and tedious but I was wrong. It only took me approximately 30 minutes to make this frosting (cooling time included).

Chocochip cupcakes with brown sugar frosting.

I just used a normal spoon to frost these babies because I am too lazy to use my piping bag. :) I also topped it off with chocochips so it would not look boring. :)

This recipe is adapted from thought I added a little more milk than the recipe calls for. The brown sugar frosting recipe was taken from this. I just reduced the recipe to half to avoid wastage.


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