Monday, March 26, 2012
3: Frustration

Baking for me has long been a frustration. I think my interest for baking started when I was a mere 10-ish year old girl watching these local baking programs on TV. These programs, if I remember correctly, were like a tutorial for those who want to venture in the baking business. I repeatedly watched these and imagined myself whacking some dough just like the what they do. Soon enough, I know that I just gotta bake so I started "baking" using Milo. Yes, this one:
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After my "baking", the dough that I expected turned out as a batter and I end up baking that one. I still remember my first product as a mushy mess (I only used Milo, sugar and hot water) but still tastes good, like champorado with gooey bits. Btw, the burnt bottom tastes good. :) Hoho.

Moving on, I am now waiting for Friday to come so I can scour Divisoria and buy some baking equipments. :) My sister, who's taking up HRM, told me that I should buy a BLACK cupcake tin than the usual aluminum ones because it conducts heat better. And hopefully I can buy everything I need so I can start baking cupcakes! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2. Ho-hum

I. Am. Bored. Since this is my 2nd post today I think it's quite obvious that yes, I am bored. I figure out that I would just blog about a run-down of what I want to eat. Here it goes:

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1. The Ultimate Caesar Salad

I'm on the search for the best Caesar salad!

The real deal from Faustina's.

2. Faustina's Spaghetti and Meatbombs

I have eaten this pasta and yet I still couldn't get enough of it! The thing I love the most in this pasta? Garlic cloves. :)

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3. Frog legs

...or anything exotic. :) And of course I want it fried first!


4. Macau's "curry"

My mother, little brother and little sister went to Macau last 2010. They took these pictures and being the lover of street food that I am, knew that I just gotta eat these "curry". Too bad for me I haven't got the money to buy myself a plane ticket. :( *sigh*

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5. French Macarons

 I had read somewhere that baking these macaroons is a challenge. Hopefully, I can bake these meanies in the future without a glitch! *fingers crossed*

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6. Mochi

These little balls are actually Japanese rice cakes which are made from glutinous rice. I first tasted these at a Yummy Eats event and is filled with ice cream.

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7. DC Cupcakes!

Need I say more? :)

8. Merry Moo's Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

I'm not really a fan of ice cream but Merry Moo's sea salt caramel ice cream made me swoon. This ohsocreamygoodness is just pure heaven and easily melts in your mouth.

Photo courtesy of Cusina Marina
9. Cusina Marina's Crispy Liempo

These crispy liempo is heart attack waiting to happen. But really, who cares? I just hope that my cholesterol level would bear with me by the time I munch these babies. :)

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10. Big Guy's Pizza

Who wouldn't want to have a 36-inches pizza in front of them and pig out?

And more foods to come! So there. Hopefully I can eat all of this before the next school semester starts! Amen.

1: Oh Gee.

Lalalala. As I keep thinking over and over again on what to blabber about my first blog post, it suddenly hit me that I shall make this blog a FOOD BLOG. :) Being the matakaw person I am, I guess a food blog rightfully fits the category. Here, I would post my food marathons and more. Yipee! :) I also spend more on food rather than clothes, shoes, etc. Pity me. Hoho. I easily drool and go nuts every time my eyes and nose caught something yummy and I know that I just gotta have it. Obviously, eating is my favorite vice. :) Hihi.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite LB foods:

The ultimate isawan at Raymundo Gate.
Kwek kwek. These are just battered quail eggs, deep fried and served with spiced vinegar.
Chili cheesedog at Auntie Pearl's.

And of course, the classic proven with its sweet and spicy vinegar. This is UPLB's top staple food. :)

Proven! Photo courtesy of

Why proven? Proven is short for proventriculus which is a part of a chicken's digestive system. Anyway, they also sell deep fried butchi, balat and  isaw. Yum!

On a different note, I am also a frustrated baker. I spent my free time browsing different food blogs and making myself believe that I could bake what they are baking, and better at that. :) Haha. I'm egotistical like that. Forgive me. 


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