Monday, March 26, 2012
3: Frustration

Baking for me has long been a frustration. I think my interest for baking started when I was a mere 10-ish year old girl watching these local baking programs on TV. These programs, if I remember correctly, were like a tutorial for those who want to venture in the baking business. I repeatedly watched these and imagined myself whacking some dough just like the what they do. Soon enough, I know that I just gotta bake so I started "baking" using Milo. Yes, this one:
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After my "baking", the dough that I expected turned out as a batter and I end up baking that one. I still remember my first product as a mushy mess (I only used Milo, sugar and hot water) but still tastes good, like champorado with gooey bits. Btw, the burnt bottom tastes good. :) Hoho.

Moving on, I am now waiting for Friday to come so I can scour Divisoria and buy some baking equipments. :) My sister, who's taking up HRM, told me that I should buy a BLACK cupcake tin than the usual aluminum ones because it conducts heat better. And hopefully I can buy everything I need so I can start baking cupcakes! :)


Mara Feliz said...

Ahahahahaha.. That is such a cute and funny story! I wish I had talent in the kitchen.. I just wait for my mother to bake her cupcakes so I can eat them.. haha!

Kisses! xxx

Nikki Taule said...

Hi Mara! :) Thank you for reading my blog. I plan on taking up baking courses after finishing my studies right now. Haha. Good thing for you your mom bakes you cupcakes. :)

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