Tuesday, April 24, 2012

8: Smothered Pockchops

When my appetite calls for something western, smothered pork chop tops my list. These pork chops are slowly cooked with homemade gravy, bacon bits, diced ham and sausages. You'll also be surprised that this easy, unpretentious meal is also easy to prepare and yet you'll be surprised by the fullness of its overall flavor. My stomach surrendered easily as this meal is on the heavy side and is quite fulfilling.

Smothered pork chop TAKE 1
Smothered pork chops TAKE 2
Cooking this the second time made me think of pairing this up with popovers. The popovers cut the richness of the sauce and also completed the western vibe of this food. :)

As seen on the picture above, my popovers didn't "pop" the way they should be. It should turn out like this:

True popovers :)
Mine turned out flat and resembles a muffin. :) Maybe I should buy a popover tin the next time. I read somewhere that the popover tin is specifically decide to be hollow so the hot air can circulate properly making the popover "pop".

Smothered 'chops paired with "popovers" and rice. :)
For me, this tastes better the next day as the flavors completely melded with each other.

Till next time! :)


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