Monday, June 4, 2012

17: Vice

My remaining summer days were spent browsing through numerous bookstores mostly in the cooking section and of course, day dreaming that I can be like Martha Stewart, Ina Garten or Nigella Lawson. :) Or I could be them even for just a day. Haha! Wishful thinking. :) Lalalalala. Or buy their every single book published and cook everything written in it. Another wish. But since I am still studying and am too shy asking for my parents money to buy them, I would just hunt secondhand copies and be content at that. Anyway, my blabbering is getting me nowhere so I have to stop. Now.

Moving on, these are the new additions to my ever growing cookbook collection:
These are from the Food Lovers cookbook collection but the pasta cookbook (bottom left) was given to me a long time ago. I also collect back issues of any food magazine just because. :)
Yummy Magazine (pictured above left) is my food magazine bible. :) I constantly look for back issues of this magazine because I gave away my old issues to my aunt who lives abroad.
And now, for my best buy this summer:
THIS! :) This cookbook was originally priced at Php 965.00 but it was on sale and I bought it for Php 50.00 only! Hahaha! A far cry from its original price. :)  It is still in good condition but has no plastic cover like it should have. Maybe these are the old books that needs to be sold to give way for the new ones. Whatever the reason is, I think this one is waiting for me on the shelf. :)



beti said...

I need to buy those books!

Nikki T said...

You should! :) They cost at around $4 each. :)

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